Street Name Blades

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Whether you want one sign as a gift or a thousand signs for your city, we can manufacture a wide variety of street name signs to meet your needs. We use high quality 3M materials and time tested manufacturing methods to create street signs that will last for many years.

Available Options:

  • flat Blades

    - Flat blades for street name signs are usually .080 or .125 gauge aluminum. Flat street name signs are great for gifts or signs that are mounted directly to a post or structure.
  • Extruded Blades (Dog Bone)

    - Extruded .090 gauge blades reinforced at the top and bottom of the sign blades with 1", .125 gauge extrusion. Extruded blades are much sturdier than flat blades.
  • Street Name Sheeting

    High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting (HIP) - HIP is a new sheeting developed by 3M that is 5 times brighter than EG. HIP will stay brighter for a longer period of time versus EG. Plus, HIP is backed by a 10-year reflectivity warranty so you know you'll receive a long-lasting product from a quality manufacturer. Diamond Grade - Cubed (DG³) - DG³ is a new sheeting developed by 3M that is 36% brigher than HIP and over 8 times brighter than EG. DG³ is the optimal sheeting for street name signs because the sheeting reflects light at various angles better than HIP and EG. DG³ is backed by a 12-year reflectivity warranty and will out-perform other sheetings for years to come.