Signal Industries has been a leader in the manufacturing of traffic control signage in Saskatchewan, but many people do not know the full range of products and services that we have to offer. We are a certified 3M fabricator and use a wide variety of reflective material to best suit you requirements and budgets, with industry leading warranty programs and brightness levels.

This section will show a wide range of the products that Signal can manufacture and supply to both municipal and corporate clients.

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Custom Banners

Flying Banners

Lightweight, quick to set up, portable and eyecatching. Printed 'true' double-sided (back to back) for maximum impact from any angle, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The most popular style stands at 3.4m high, with other sizes ranging from 2.15m (small), 4.4m (large) up to 6m (X large). Weighing in under 2kg, the Flying Banner comes alive by rotating in the wind, clearly displaying your school's message.

Complete with rods and soft ground stake stowed in a durable carry bag for protection when stored or in transit. Various stand options are available including an indoor stand or a Heavy Metal Stand for use on hard surfaces.

Impact at any angle ...

Display Banners

These large display banners are perfect for any occasion where your image is important. They are easy to assemble and dismantle and are totally portable in a 4kg carry bag.

2 sizes are available:
2150mm H x 800mm W
1500mm H x 600mm W

Another Easy Banner ...

Pop-up Display banner

This Pop-up display banner is ideal for any occasion. Easy to assemble and dismantle and is totally portable in a 4kg carry bag.
1 size available:
2000mm H x 850mm W