Break-a-way Systems Break-a-way systems can be added to any of the steel sign posts available. These systems typically use a three piece design: 1) Base post, 2) Coupler, 3) Upright Post. 1 Base Post: range from 18 - 36" in length and are driven into the ground leaving only a few inches above grade. 2 Coupler: Are designed to shear off at certain stress points and in some cases will prevent the upright post from flying off to become a projectile. 3 Upright Post: Depending on style, posts are available from eight to twleve feet in length. Our NEW Break-Out system is designed to use the same base, whether it is flush surface mounted or in grade. The one base can then be used with any style of steel up-right post (U-Flange, Round, Square). The new Break-Out system can be installed quickly and easily with common tools and as few as one person. All posts come standard as galvanized steel. Optional powder coat finishes are available upon request.

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