Signal Industries can produce security and tamper evident decals that will help you protect your property from theft, fraud and Forgery.

Tamper resistant and tamper proof labels, void decals, security seals and stickers will break or fracture to provide an obvious sign of tampering, or reveal a hidden void message. Once removed the decal cannot be reapplied!

Security decals can be used for computer security marking & identification products such as security labels, warning decals, void revealing seals that are used by computer hardware and software manufactures, airports, school boards, schools, colleges, universities, tools, office equipment, pharmaceutical products, packages, envelope seals, computers, government agencies, offices, business, electronic equipment, warranty decals, manufacturing decals, airplane and auto replacement parts and any security-related application.

Void Labels

These non-transferable labels display product specifications, warranties, or pre-cautionary information. The visibly detectable "VOID" message is revealed to indicate tampering. Adheres to a wide range of materials in a variety of environmental conditions.

Destructible Vinyl Label Features

Any tampering or tearing of these labels is thwarted by their deliberately low structural integrity. You get a highly visible indication - they simply aren't transferable and can't be removed intact.

The security decals are available in all sizes, shapes and lettering or can be made custom with your company logo.

For a quote on security tamper evident void decals or seals contact Signal Industries today.

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