Transit stop enclosures help to protect pedestrians from the elements and also can provide an extra area for corporate advertising.

Using a combination of solar and LED technologies, these enclousres offer not only protection from the elements but the added protection of light for low light conditions year round and the potetial of lite corporate advertising space that can be sold. Additionally we carry Illuminated Transit stops and a wide range of site accessories such as benches and waste bins.

With no trenching, cabling or permits required, any shelter can be equipped with the solar-powered i-SHELTER lighting kit in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired connection

  • Based on industry-proven solar-powered LED technology
  • Stand-alone product is suitable for improving any bus stop — whether in the heart of the city or out in the country — anywhere up to 60° north
  • Rated for reliable performance in ambient temperatures between -22°F and +122°F (-30°C and +50°C)
  • Virtually maintenance free for up to 5 years, on a single set of rechargeable batteries


  • Passengers waiting for the bus feel safer during nighttime hours when they can see other people at or around the shelter
  • Passengers become more visible for bus drivers, reducing rider pass-bys - the #1 complaint reported by most transit authorities
  • With no external power requirements, shelters can be upgraded without disruption to pavement and traffic patterns
  • The overall transit experience improves, encouraging increased ridership
  • Demonstrates a socially responsible commitment to passengers, and to the environment
  • The use of a renewable energy resource like solar power reinforces the profile of public transit as a sustainable transportation alternative, and heightens the transit agency's reputation as an innovative leader
  • Using a clean, proven technology, the i-SHELTER light provides a reliable, economical, and energy-efficient lighting solution, powered by the free, limitless resource of the sun
  • A cost effective, low maintenance customer-service solution

Specifications Lighting

  • Illuminated area ~ 4.92 ft x 9.84 ft (1.5 m x 3 m)
  • Illumination level - standard level 2.0 Foot Candles (22 lux at seat level)
  • Illumination level - peak hours 6.0 Foot Candles (65 lux at seat level)
  • Output color White
  • Illumination technology High brightness LEDs
  • Luminaire Dimensions 4.53" Ø (115 mm)
  • Construction Aluminum
  • Solar Engine (patent pending)
  • Solar pnel Crystalline potted with UV-protected polyurethane
  • Battery Pure-lead thin plate with starved-electrolyte (fully recyclable)
  • Power Management Automatic Light Control (ALC) adjust illumination intensity/autonomy according to prevailing weather and solar conditions
  • Minimum Autonomy 10 nights
  • Operating Temperature Range -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

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